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We are proud of the herd of mares and the stud horses that we have been continuing to build and would like to share them with all of you.  


As a family we have always had quarter horses for use on the ranch and mountain range.  We started gathering mares from as far away as South Dakota, Nevada, Colorado and Montana; we have made a concerted effort to study bloodlines and look for good dispositions and great confirmation.  We enjoy raising mares and watching foals become horses that can be used for ranch work, performance and rope horses, or just for the enjoyment of their owners.  We have been receiving good reports from horses sold in previous years, we appreciate hearing about the good things these horses are doing.


We would like to share a bit of our history...........

We started with our first mare from the Doc Bar bloodlines in 1998.  We raise all of our horses in Sanpete County and the water source running through the pastures is from the Sanpitch River, thus we created the name SanBar Ranch.


We have added a black stallion and a grey stallion to our herd.  They will be used on a select few mares this year 

and we look forward to those colts in 2020. 


We are proud and excited to offer our Ranch Heritage Production Sale on Sept 12, 2020 at the ConToy Arena in Mt. Pleasant Utah.  Sale starts at 3:00 p.m.  We are looking forward to colts from our three studs this year.  We will start posting pictures of our new colts as soon as they are born.   See you at the sale!







Terry and Pam Rigby Family

Rigby Family

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